Metal Mesh

 ▣  Device Characteristics

- Construct a circuit using a conductive material in the form of a mesh
- Can be applied to flexible products due to its strong durability against bending.

 ▣  Manufacturing Methods and Technology Specifications

- Using an imprinting mold, continuously transferring patterns to the substrate
- Roll to Roll method for superior productivity
- A fine wire width of less than or equal to 2 ㎛ can be manufactured.
- Using conductive material with lower resistance than others: advantageous for lower resistance and higher transmittance

 ▣  Process sequence

 ▣  The picture of products

- Develop various types of metal mesh
- Build large size film
- provide Metal Mesh sample work and mass production
- manufacturing and supply of Metal Mesh facility

 ▣  Specific equipment as Processes

ProcessMachine NameSubstrate SizeRemark
Front process
Pattern Process
675 X 725㎜Clean Class#100 (30%), #1,000(70%)
Hot Plate/Cool Plate
700 X 800㎜Baking 
Contact Aligner
675 X 725㎜Exposure 
700 X 800㎜Machine Name
After Treatment
700 X 800㎜Cleaning & Surface treatment
Roll Pattern Machine
Film Width : 600㎜For SS Roll (include remover)
Post process
Mass Product Process
Annealing Machine
Film Width : 600㎜Length: 22m 
UV Pattern Machine
Roll to Roll 
Ag Filling Machine
Impregnant, Ag Paste, Black Ink
Ag Dryer

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