Nano Imprint

 ▣  Nano Imprinting Technology

- Technology to form fine pattern on the Substrates, which enables large-scale deployments
- Form pattern with resin that has the same characteristics as the Substrates
- Excellent adherence with high transmittance and integral structure
- Implementation to minimum Å units

 ▣  Nano Imprinting Equipments

1) Spinless Coater
- Nano Imprinting Process Equipments

Device to coat chemical resins (PR Resin) onto Substrates, in a slit-based manner, reducing usage of chemical resin and implementing excellent Uniformity


- Device characteristics

Low viscosity, High viscosity (PR, Resin) Coating is possible
Excellent Coating Uniformity (≤ 3 %)
Adjustable edge Off-Set area
Various Applications (LCD, OLED, LGP … ..)

- Device configuration

Chuck Table Module
Slit Nozzle Module
Linear Stage Module
Chemical Supply Module

2) Imprinter

Introduction of the device

Continuous process run by Roll to Roll method

- Characteristics of the device

Large area substrate application (≤ 75 inch)
Good Pattern property (pressing Pressure and Speed Regulating)
Drying control according to the intensity of UV light

- Roll soft-mold

Chuck Table Module
Drive Rollers (Preses, Rewind, etc.)
Roll Soft-mold
UV-LED Module

3) Buffer Cassette

- Device introduction

After chemical resin coating on the Substrates, the remaining VOCs are removed from the thin film by using CDA Blowing

- Device characteristics

Particle Free (separate each slot in the 8 stage, with a Filter)

Good volatile component removal (≥ 95 %, ≤ 2 min)

Gate Door open/close system

4) IR Curing

- Device introduction

Use infrared to dry(sinter) formed pattern after imprinting process

- Device Characteristics

Infrared Temp. (≤ 200℃)
Transfer Speed (800 ~ 4,800mm/min.)

- Device configuration

Loader Module
Transfer Module
IR Module
Cooling Module  

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